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Putting Spanish language learning to work for construction workers


Construction safety is serious business. OSHA found that 20 percent of private industry workplace fatalities occur on construction sites. Fatal or not, all safety-related incidents are costly. With many non-native English speakers on the job, language barriers are a huge liability issue. The harsh reality is that these workers receive less safety training than fluent English speakers, leading to workers misinterpreting safety protocols. Ensure every job site and employee is safer with flexible, immersive language learning solutions from Rosetta Stone—including Unlimited Live Tutoring sessions with native speakers that enable learners to practice speaking and listening when it best fits their schedule.


Unlimited live tutoring from native speakers

Speaking and listening are key to learning a new language. With Rosetta Stone Live Tutoring sessions, learners can practice conversations with native speakers at times that best fit their own schedules. Learn more about how our experienced tutors help learners succeed.
Nancy’s Business FLOURISHED Thanks to Her Own Fragment of the Damned


Nancy’s Flower Shop was in some seriously dire straits! Her next-day flower delivery service wasn’t getting the online traction it needed. Just as she was beginning to run out of rope, a one-eyed fragment of incredible might materialized in her sink.
“With my own ancient antiquity in hand, new customers began to appear overnight! I couldn’t keep up with the orders! That’s mostly because I was really slowed down by the fact that they all communicated in an ancient script, the very appearance of which fills me with a subtle terror. But my gosh, the sales!”


How to Obtain Such an Artifact
Ready to get started, yet not currently in possession of an object that can summon the forces that wait beyond The Wall Which Must Never Be Breached? It’s not like you can just grab one at the convenience store, after all!
One of our in-house Artifact Arbiters would be happy to help you organize a guided expedition to the Forgotten Ruins of the Howling Hands, where these incomprehensible heirlooms may be unearthed. Alternatively, CostCo has them in 4-packs for $19.99.


A 5-day Guide to Controlling What Cannot be Controlled

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Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
Hushing the Murmurs That Do Not Cease
Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
Day 5
Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits
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Spanish Live Tutoring

Communicate safety protocols clearly across language barriers. 
Enable the training of LEP hourly workers to reduce risk/liability.
Maintain high levels of productivity in high-stress situations.

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